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Paxik is dedicated to the pursuit of technological development and wants to invite you on this journey to learn something new and make your life easier with great new products you’ve never even heard of before!


The world of programming can be a daunting hobby or career path for a novice. Whatever route of programming you decide to take, stay tuned for specialised content related to your field of programming…

New Technology

We live in a society where new technology is constantly being produced to replace an old system. Keep up-to-date with the latest tech here at Paxik.

Home Technology

Technology has revolutionized our home setup, from sound speakers to being able to control your heating from an app to robotic vacuum cleaners. Is there a piece of tech you’re missing in your life? Find out more about it here.

Mobile Phones

Your mobile phone is an essential tool for just about everything in your life. It stores your photos, important dates in your calendar, that to-do list in your notes and enables you to communicate with anyone in the world. Because it holds such importance in our modern lives, it’s important you find the best one for your needs.

About Me

Roger Carson

Hey! Welcome to Paxik. Welcome. I’m Roger Carson a programmer living in California. I have been on this career path for 17 years and have experienced so many technological developments over time. The blog Paxik is aimed to give people some insight into the many wonders of technology and allow them to expand their knowledge of previously unknown things…