About Paxik

Welcome. I’m Roger Carson a programmer living in California. I have been on this career path for 17 years and have experienced so many technological developments over time. The blog Paxik is aimed to give people some insight into the many wonders of technology and allow them to expand their knowledge of previously unknown things. Learning is such a blessing a gift that I was luckily given in my lifetime so grabbing these opportunities and simply reading this blog could give you so much more enrichment for your life.

Living in California means that I have so many different opportunities for programming due to the massive influx of technology development that goes on there. I have always lived in California so I have been growing up around all this glorious technology for years and years and it spurred me on throughout school, college, and my Ph.D. I love living here and the offices are always facing amazing views making my job even more exciting and enjoyable.

I really feel like you could learn a lot from this blog and it may help you to realize a lot more about the world that you didn’t know previously.


  • Always be open to learning
  • Technology is constantly changing
  •  It is never too late for a career change

Happy learning!