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Do We Rely On Technology Too Much?

Posted by Roger Carson

We use technology in everyday life, in fact, it would be hard to think about not using it, especially as many jobs and social necessities have made us develop technological dependence on items like our mobile phones, computers, tablets, laptops, etc. In a broad sense, technology has made our lives a lot easier to manage, especially with software and apps.

Technology is all around us and it is not something that will disappear without a trace. Our human dependence on it can turn to the extreme though, so it begs the question – do we rely on it too much?

What Is The Impact Of Technology?

In this digital age, technology is woven into the fabric of society. It makes life easier and can offer a distraction and entertainment when needed. We can communicate in so many ways, as well as help us connect and inform us about current events without delay.

As it has progressed, being dependent on technology has grown significantly since it has been applied to many areas of life, personal and professional.

Human beings are able to adapt in many ways, and our everyday lives have changed since progressing to the use of advanced technology. It has been able to help us gain new skills as well as be a great tool for research purposes.

The Effect of Technology

We touched slightly above on what technology is used for, but it is important to delve deeper into its uses and effects and how different technological advancements have proven to add to our daily lives, good and bad.

Social Skills

One of the best things about technology is that people are able to communicate a lot easier. They can get in touch with their friends and family through their mobile phone with instant messaging systems.

Humans need to interact with people, so these advancements in communication can be seen as a positive, however, because it is used too much, people can find that their social skills have fallen down due to not engaging with people face to face.

Social media has allowed people throughout the world to connect and converse, taking the place of real social interaction which can be seen as detrimental, especially to younger generations that have only known the majority of their communication to be through cell phones.


Unfortunately, when children rely on this type of technology every day they are opened up to being bullied online which can cause them to feel anxious which can then have a negative impact on their daily life. Being so dependent on technology will have a knock-on effect on their personal life as well as in school.

A study from 2018 by the Pew Research Center has stated that 59% of teenagers have said that they have been bullied online. That is a significant amount, and those are the ones who admitted it, many can still be hiding.

Making Friends

Staying inside playing video games or being on social media every day, can make it harder for young people to make friends in real life. Being attached to their cell phones and other electronic devices can be considered unhealthy, especially if they don’t spend any time outside playing sports or meeting up with other friends.

This dependence on technology can make them shy and cause them to find it difficult to communicate or have the ability to be in the ‘moment’ with those around them, as they just want to be on their phones or on the internet. They may lose track of time when on their phone too, which can cause them to not get enough sleep as well as stop seeing other people.


Technology today can provide a lot of entertainment for people. It is easy to consume, and now there is so much convenience linked to how people get their entertainment. With streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, and so on, people don’t need to go to the cinema anymore or watch TV with their families.

It’s great that streaming services allow people to immerse themselves away to binge-watch shows in isolation for hours on end without any human interaction. Similarly, the endless scrolling and clicks of recommendation algorithms help limit the scope of one’s interests. Additionally, with the use of VPN and other technologies, exposure to sensual content, like the ones found at https://www.sexm.xxx/categories/103/blue-films, has become more accessible and personalized than ever before. And as fast internet and devices proliferate, the opportunity to immerse ourselves in customized digital worlds will increase multifold.


This has put some cinema chains out of business since the demand is not like it used to be. The global pandemic also had a huge impact on that area too since people were not allowed to go out, thus they depended on streaming services that could provide them with all the entertainment that they were looking for. It made life easier, and a significant technological dependence came from those services.


One thing that has drastically changed since technology has become a massive part of society, is how we research various topics. Previously, before the internet, the library was used as the main source of information. People had access to what they needed, and they would spend hours there searching for the knowledge they required.

Now, people use their smartphones to find what they need as it is a lot more convenient for them and can help them with specific research demands that have multiple sources for them to learn from. This type of technology dependence can be seen as incredibly beneficial as it helps out students of all ages.

Non-Reliable Sources

Most people may think this to not have a downside, however, research can send people down a rabbit hole and even though they are informed more, they are still opened up to reading non-reliable sources that can cause misinformation and harm. Young people tend to be influenced easier and they may have their minds changed by what they read through the internet.

How To Know If Someone Is Dependent On Technology

There are signs that become apparent if a person has an over reliance on the technology they use. It can be fun and convenient to have the latest gadgets but if their everyday lives are impacted that much, it can be damning to their health.

They Get Upset If The Internet Goes Down

If you have ever had a power cut, you know how frustrating and annoying it can be when the electricity goes off and the internet cuts out. So, if someone who uses the internet a lot starts to feel panic because they are unable to use their mobile phone to go online, then they may have a dependency problem.

If they were chatting to someone over internet messaging and it cuts out and they are worried that they can’t speak to their friend, then they need to take a step back and think about why it matters to them so much.

They Are Not In The Moment With You

Going to a concert, a night out, or a day trip, and they still take out their phone to take photos without really taking in the atmosphere and enjoying it with you? Being that dependent on technology to have a ‘good time’ is making them think that they didn’t have fun with you if they don’t record it. It can detach them from what’s going on and who they are with.

They Find It Difficult To Sleep

If their sleeping pattern is messed up and they are constantly on their phone before bed, then the blue light is stopping their brain from calming down for the night. Using technology everyday from morning to night can wire the brain and cause them to lose out on much-needed rest.

A cell phone permanently stuck to their hand is going to upset their natural rhythm. They may have dark under eyes, find it hard to concentrate, and have slow reaction times due to lack of sleep.

They Don’t Socialise Much

You try and get them to come out with you, but they decline constantly. It could be for a number of reasons, but if you notice a connection between them not going out and them getting obsessed with a new game or streaming show, then that may be the reason why.

If they do go out but they keep their cell phone in their hand at all times, they may be using it as a crutch and a lifeline to go on if they feel overwhelmed by being out. You feel a social change when you are near them.

They Get Obsessed With The Latest Gadgets

You may notice that they get excited as soon as a new piece of technology comes out and they can’t wait to buy it as soon as possible. They are constantly looking at upgrades and will change their phone when something new comes out.

They make it a point to let you know what they have bought and disregard any mention of it being wasteful to constantly change. They are stuck in this tech bubble. Maybe they have turned their home into a smart home and keep adding new devices to their collection. If you notice more tech in their home that they are relying on, this could be bordering on obsession.


As you can see, people’s dependence on technology can vary. It does depend on what they use it for. However, despite the fact that the future is paved with more advancements in technology, it is crucial that parents check on their children and make sure that they are not relying on their phones as their main source of social communication and putting off real-life conversation.

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