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Must-Have Smart TVs for Your Living Room

Posted by Roger Carson

We have a lot of TVs in our home, and the television has become an essential part of our day-to-day life. This is why today we bring you a list of the best smart TVs for your living room. Technology is advancing at an incredible pace, and it’s only going to get better in the next few years.

The Smart TV market is still in its infancy, but it will likely remain a mainstay for years to come. More and more consumers are turning to the convenience of using their TV as a computer and getting information directly from the internet. Some manufacturers, such as Samsung, are starting to take advantage of this trend by creating Smart TVs that can be used as computers as well.

Media streaming has drastically changed the way we watch TV. Gone are the days when you have to have a cable subscription or buy a set-top box like the Roku and wait for a show to come up on the TV guide. Nowadays, there might be services (like Xfinity cable packages) that can bundle internet, cable, and home phone connections. This could be a cheaper alternative to the previous ones where you had to pay separately for the services. Also, with apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, thousands of shows and movies are available at the push of a button. Similarly, customer-facing establishments such as retail stores, restaurants, fitness clubs, etc., can use business-centered streaming services like Loop TV (https://loop.tv/) or similar ones and have the device connected to a TV; one that will keep the customers and clients entertained.

Besides, TV series like Blue Peter is still quite popular among children. In fact, many kids also are able to earn Blue Peter Badge by joining its fan club and answering a few questions about the show and website. They’ll need to complete the Purple Fan Club badge application form and send it off by post. A Blue Peter badge is a special award given to young Blue Peter viewers in recognition of achievement. It allows them free entry into over 200 Blue Peter Badge attractions around the country, including theme parks, zoos, museums, and castles.

Hence having a television at home has lot of indirect advantages too.

If you want to buy a new smart TV, you’ll want to check out the options on the market. Here are a few on offer.


The new Philips 7000 Series Ultra HD TV has finally arrived. If you are in the market for a new TV, you are certainly familiar with the Smart TV hype that has been going on for the past few years. You may not realize that there are some amazing features exclusive to Philips Ultra HD TVs, making the Philips 7000 Series the best TV available today.


Samsung is a leading brand in the electronics industry, renowned for its top-quality products and innovative gadgets. One of their latest offerings is the Frame TV, a unique smart TV designed to resemble a framed piece of art when not in use. This TV boasts a stunning 4K resolution and comes with a customizable frame, allowing you to match it seamlessly with your home decor. With a built-in voice-activated assistant, you can effortlessly control the TV using voice commands. What sets the Frame TV apart is its ability to change the appearance of the frame from the outside. This feature enables users to easily switch between different styles and colors of frames, such as those offered at Deco TV Frames, to perfectly complement their evolving decor and personal preferences.


The LG C9PUA features a 55-inch 4K HDR OLED TV topped with a new, ultra-thin bezel and Dolby Vision HDR. Its punchy 4K picture is made even more impressive thanks to its OLED screen, which incorporates both local dimming and a wider color gamut. And, of course, it has the company’s proprietary AI ThinQ AI technology to recommend content and adjust settings based on what you’re watching.


The VIZIO P-Series Quantum X 4K and M-Series Quantum X Smart TVs include HDR10 and Dolby Vision, two technologies that deliver the most lifelike pictures yet. But these TVs are more than just feature-packed smart TVs; they’re also fantastic entertainment machines thanks to the included VIZIO SmartCast app. With the app, you can watch movies and TV shows on your smartphone or tablet, stream web content from services like Netflix and Hulu, and create a personalized home screen that you can control from your smartphone.

There are multiple instances when technology can really be useful in our daily life. Smart TVs can be a great way to save energy, especially smart LED TVs, which consume less energy and offer more eco-friendly features. With the streaming of movies and TV shows, you can get more benefits from your smart TV. For example, you can check back on your favorite programs and movies even when you’re away from home. You can also schedule recording time for your favorite programs. With a smart TV, you don’t need to worry about cable and HD subscription fees.

The era of smart TV is upon us. From the big screen in the living room (with a PlayStation) to the laptop on the desk (with the Google Play Store), TVs are becoming smart, and these smart TVs are changing the way we watch TV. If you’re a normal TV viewer, don’t worry – you’ve still got a long way to go before you’re watching your TV the same way as your smartphone.

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